The Bloakes

Releases on Moving Air Music

With regard to the music wonders of the 1960s but with an approach to the contemporary scene, The Bloakes was formed by guitarists David Silverlid and Petter Kroon alongside vocalist Isak Smårs. They have together with bass player Herman Eriksson and drummer Arvid Engdahl performed shows all over Sweden. The Bloakes’ high ambition is evident in their well developed sound that focus on groovy rhythms and captivating melodies. Their powerful live shows are both musically liberating and fascinating. Their influences go back to the days of The Beatles and Pink Floyd but by bringing this to a modern sound, The Bloakes’ well written songs are just as contemporarily interesting as they would have been in 1969.


Kanye Westboro Baptist Church, a 5-track EP, will be released on the 20th of Maj 2016. The first single Anomie is about a friend who, while on a mushroom-induced journey, discovered God and the grace of Yeezus.

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