JD Miller


JD Miller is a hard rock/metal act from Sweden. The music is blending the unmistakable Scandinavian melodies with an American style, all wrapped by a modern sound and production.

”In Sweden JD Miller have found a good groove with their crunchy Hard Rock”Stefan Glas, Rock Hard Magazine DE

JD Miller is currently finishing the songs to be featured on their upcoming second album.

The album will be made predominately at Studio Berghem and Studio Haga in Sweden and production and mix will be done by former band member Christian Svedin who also is the owner of Studio Haga.

The new album marks an update of JD Millers songwriting skills and put’s them toward a more metal sound without loosing the groove and melodic feel that made their debut album what it is!

JD Miller today consists of members Peter Halldén (Vocals), Emil Eriksson (Drums), Alex Oriz (Guitar), Elias Fröjd (Guitar) and Chris David (Bass Guitar).

Peter and Tommy Timonen (2011-2015) formed the band back in 2011 and couldn’t come up with a good band name to tell the promoter of their first show.

Peters brother Viktor therefore had to ad-lib the band name while drinking Miller beer and Jack Daniel’s Whiskey one night. When the promoter called him up and asked for the name of the band that were going to play he simply told him: ehhhh….. JD…. eeeehhh…. Miller?!

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