Captain Crimson

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Örebro is a city known for bands like Truckfighters, Witchcraft and Blues Pills. Captain Crimson is no exception to this great tradition of rock bands hailing from Örebro

It was the lead singer from the stoner rock band Blowback who started the band back in 2010. Since then, Captain Crimson has drawn their inspiration in the music from the sixties and the seventies such as The Grand Hogs, Blue Cheer, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, jethro Tull or Cactus. If you take this influence and mix it with the best of bands like Graveyard, Witchcraft or Blues Pills, you would be left with Captain Crimson.

In august 2012 the first album Dancing Madly Backwards” was released. Without a doubt, their debut album is one fine-tuned piece of art. There is a lot of blues based rock riffs, killer hooks and howling vocals to keep you hooked.

In November that year, Captain Crimson played a European tour in support of the album. In the beginning of 2013 Chris David (ReinXeed) joined the band on Bass, ensuring Captain Crimson an even tighter rhythm section. A second European tour followed to support Dancing Madly Backwards”.

The recordings for the second album Ageless Time” started immediately after the touring cycle. When the recordings were done and the band waited for the album to be released a third tour took place in 2014 to promote the new record.

”Ageless Time” was released on January 30th 2015 through Moving Air Music and on vinyl March 18th by Nasoni Records.

The new album Ageless time” was crafted based on blues, rock, metal and classic rock. As everyone in Captain Crimson contributes to the songwriting, nothing seems wrong or out of place. Everyone is a part of the creative process and a piece of the magic of Captain Crimsons.

Ageless Time” was recorded live in a chapel together with their live sound engineer, producer and close friend Joakim Frisö.

The title Ageless time” was consciously chosen based on the theme of the album. This time, Captain Crimson want to tell people something they can relate to. We are living in a constantly changing world, there are people living through hard times in many different ways and countries, this is what Captain Crimson showcases on Ageless Time” lyrically.